BTS - Meat Kills: A Study In Cancer

As everyone has probably heard by now, in October the World Health Organization referenced studies indicating a link between the consumption of red and processed meats and cancer, specifically of the colon. 

Following the announcement, much confusion, hysteria and debate erupted in mainstream and social media regarding the W.H.O’s comparison of the carcinogenicity of red and processed meats to that of tobacco. Well, we thought, what better way to contribute to the discussion than with a little creative to fan the flames? Nothing too serious, just a little “What if? Wink wink, poke poke…eh? EH?” 

We hope you enjoy the creative, and perhaps it will spark a lively discussion about our culture’s notion of healthy lifestyle, moderation, and how the media skews facts and statistics. 

Read the link below for more information on the W.H.O’s findings:


Photography: Krug Studios

Art Direction: Christopher van Doorn

Digital Imaging: Kevin Luc

A Study In Corndog - Artist Statement

The team at Krug Studios is proud to share a new creative series. 

Dreamed up on a snowy day in December, this series is a sober and introspective investigation into our relationship with corndogs, a culturally invaluable source of protein, gluten, and salt - a food steeped in social significance and rich historical meaning, without which scholars now believe freedom in North America would not exist. 

Photographer Steve Krug and art director Christopher van Doorn probe deep into the semiotic language of the corndog, and seek to question the breaded externalities which belie its meaty essence. Digital artists Zachary Koski and Kevin Luc performed further studies and at great depth, exploring our perceptions of the hyperreal as they relate to the colours blue, brown, and pink. 

But, like, actually, we just really like meat on a stick and wanted to make some pictures of it.

We really hope you like them. 

With love from the Krug Team


Summer’s fast approaching and we’re getting real hungry thinking about that time we shot with Stoke Stack BBQ!

It’s always fun to pack up the studio and hit the road for a location shoot, especially of the outdoor variety. Despite the technical unknowns and uncontrollable weather patterns, we knew we still had to create that perfect sunny BBQ feel  - of course the greatest challenge was trying not to eat too much of our subject matter at lunch! 

Owner Adam Skelly and partner Allison Hunt serve up authentic Texas style BBQ, and have been rocking the event catering scene for the last couple of years. If you want to send everyone home from your wedding or corporate event in a serious meat coma, give them a shout! 

(Adam and Allison’s aprons provided by Blunt Roll - handmade cotton denim and leather aprons crafted here in Toronto. Check them out for all your clothing protection needs!)

Nadège - Limited Edition Artist Packaging Series

Through the spring and summer of 2014, Krug Studios had the pleasure to collaborate with Nadège Patisserie on a signature 16 macaron box design for their limited edition Artist Packaging Series. Steve’s custom box launched in September, accompanied by a playful window display. Check out the making-of time lapse below!  

Huge props to Christina Yan who supplied the… props! And the talented Jennifer Weaymouth for her infinite creative direction skills! 

Stream of Retail Consciousness

Excited for Fuze Reps’ Bang 3.0 gallery party (June 2014), we built and shot this beautiful disaster in our studio! Three days, a thousand staples in the rafters, and a few miles of fishing line later, we had our Stream of Retail Consciousness. 

Cheers to Christina Yan and Jennifer Weaymouth for their incredible talents with propping and direction!

Check out the making-of time lapse below! 


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